National Live Mock Test

Focus Mocks for Medical PG 2017-18

Focus Mock Exams are conducted daily with 10 top MCQs from High Proliferating Topics (HPTs). Attending 10 MCQs each day will eventually cover 3000 MCQs from 300 high yielding topics in 300 days. These exams are conducted for regular platinum access candidates preparting for NEET PG, AIIMS, NIMHANS, JIPMER or DNB CET.  

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Small is Big

  • Learn 10 MCQs each day from top topics
  • Efficient memory and suits busy lifestyle

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DNB Target 2020 - 01

DNB Mock Series
Global Attendance: 3 Candidates

300 MCQs; 210Minutes; No Negative Marks. 

This exam is specifically prepared for DNB Candidates. Like GrandMocks, this exam follow the DNB subject weightage. To attend this exam you need either PLATINUM ACCESS or DNB SELECT. This is a must attend for all Platinum Access candidates. Others could access it separately or by subscribing to platinum access. You may subscribe instantly here. Please note: You will  have access to answers and explanations only of you attend the mock test (even if you have platinum access).