Pre-Medical Entrance Preparation on WhatsApp – Join G2M Chat Park for Exam Study

whatsapp for premedical study

How does WhatsApp Group Chat work for Pre-Medical Entrance Preparation?

 WhatsApp groups are taking over online Pre-Medical Entrance preparations from web forums and social media. The advantage for WhatsApp is due to it’s ease of use and access everywhere on mobile, even with low bandwidth internet.

The Group Chat feature lets you connect with up to 250 other Pre-Medical Entrance exam candidates at a time on your mobile phone or tablet.  It is a great way to share questions, ideas, news, images, study tips etc. Here you have some points to remember about WhatsApp.

  • You can create your own study groups or join study groups created by others.
  • Each group has one or more admins. Admins can add or remove participants and add other admins.
  • You can control your own participation in a Study Group Chat, by staying in or leaving the group when you wish. 
  • It is absolutely free of cost. It is understood that mobile data costs applies. 

whatsapp2The most important factor for a useful WhatsApp group is to be in the right peer group. If you are preparing for Karnataka Pre Medical, It is best to be in the correct peer group of Karnataka candidates.

WhatsApp is a quick and easy way to share photos using mobile cameras. You could discuss MCQs and topics on the move and get notification in real time. You could ask questions as they pop up and not wait to login next time! 

Join up to 3 G2M WhatsApp groups: 


WhatsApp Groups for Pre medical Entrance preparation in India is best to be dynamic with new members coming in and out at regular intervals.

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