5 Tips for taking Pre-Medical Computer Notes

What to remember about computer notes for your pre-medical entrance exam preparation?

Best notes for AIPGMEEMany of our candidates use computer notes to help their pre-medical exam preparation. Note taking has evolved over time and there are some drawbacks to this. Writing down notes, drawing diagrams and making mental associations on a piece of paper is now replaced by ‘cut and paste’ notes and images. This brings a feeling of ownership but does not help you in exams. Hoarding information in your computer will not add to the information in the grey matter.

It is important to remember that the ‘cut and paste’ notes often does not help your memory. It helps to postpone your study to a future date. This is often a disaster. When we interviewed candidates we found that there were people who obsessively copied the mock test and practice questions to word documents. Some candidates collected thousands of medical PG questions but achieved poor ranks in exams.

5 Good Tips to remember regarding computer stored notes.

  1. Writing down in a piece of paper is still considered the best form of learning for your Pre-Medical exams. If you have to use computer or tablets, you will need to type up the summary of your learning. Cut and paste must be avoided at any cost.
  2. The best font for easy reading is Times New Roman Or Arial, Font size 12 or above.
    Easy fonts for note taking got Medical PG
  3. Draw diagrams on a piece of paper. Visualise information that is hard to describe. Avoid spending hours trying to draw a diagram on your new App!
  4. Create mental associations on a piece of paper, there are good apps too for this purpose. Drawing mental associations save time writing all that information down. A mental map can easily save 5-10 pages of writing.
  5. Do not cut and paste. This is as good as creating a library which you will never explore. It is a fantasy world.

Another good read on this topic is this article on note taking. Read Here.

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Step 4: Generate Exam will save your topic for future.

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This article covers how to prepare computer notes for medical PG entrance exam preparation including AIPGMEE, AIIMS and DNB