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Corporate Information

Gate To Medicine

Gate to Medicine was established in September 2011 and launched in Sepember 2012 to provide online postgraduate medical entrance exam resources and national mock exams for the Indian medical postgraduate (AIPGME) aspirants. This project of Auspec Pvt Ltd combines medicine, art, and technology.

The Medical Team

GateToMedicine (G2M) being one of the largest projects of Auspec UK and Auspec Education, it has been privileged to include a large number of doctors from India, UK, Australia and the Middle East. GateToMedicine has high standards on the quality of questions, answers and explanations and abides by the international laws to have good number of references to each topics.

Since, its concept GateToMedicne has had more than 58 doctors working on it's project including consultants with DM, MCh and equivalent foreign medical qualifications. GateToMedicine works with national experts to bring the best exam preparation contents and mock tests for medical PG aspirants.  The medical team at GateToMedicine is accountable to a medical director, is lead by senior editors and has junior medical authors. GateToMedicine has it's own online office where doctors login for their respective work. Gatetomedicine has strict quality controls and nothing speaks louder at G2M than quality!

The IT & Software Development Team

GateToMedicine (G2M) is in continuous development and is committed to bringing innovative products to medical education. G2M has a IT and development team of it's own. G2M now employs developers, programmers, designers and IT experts from some of the world renowned institutions in the United Kingdom and India. The perfection of G2M would not be possible without the efforts of a large number of its development staff! 

The Business Team

GateToMedicine has a full fledged business and marketing team to support its mission. The company has qualified professionals to manage its human resources, marketing and creative direction. Together, the team creates value for G2M users!

Our Vision & Philosophy

GateToMedicine stands for quality, value and perfection. We believe that learning should be interesting and online coaching could bring learning to home or at work. We are committed to developing innovative ways of education for doctors in India in the coming years. 


Auspec Education Pvt Ltd

Auspec Education Pvt Ltd was formed in 2012, in India, as a private limited company, working closely with Auspec UK Ltd. Auspec Education is registered in India to provide quality medical and dental education online. 


Auspec UK Ltd

Auspec UK is a Private Limited Company registered in the United Kingdom. The company provides medical services to health care institutions in the UK, both private and the NHS and is run by the CEO and a board of directors. Auspec UK has moved a step ahead and delivers highly advanced medical education toolkit across the globe. The company’s current projects include medical educational programmes for the United Kingdom, India and Australia.