Why do most people fail MicroMock exams?

Hard to answer questions score high in NEET PG pro-metrics. But what are hard questions. Hard questions are often questions that people think they know but actually don’t. You repeat mistakes endless number of times.  Let us look at the past 5 MicroMocks and see how many passed the exams. 

Forensic & Toxicology 50: 353 attended and only 8 passed 60% mark. 
Pharmacology 50: 347 attended and only 11 passed 60% mark. 
Pathology 50: 301 attended and only 8 passed 60% mark. 
Microbiology 50: 263 attended and only 7 passed 60% mark. 
Pharmacology 50: 250 attended and only 5 passed 60% mark. 

Now let us see a popular exam from PowerMock series.
PowerMock X-rays & ECGs: 500 attended and 89 passed 60% mark.

So what’s the difference. MicroMocks are prepared by G2M server after calculating 1000s of candidate responses. The questions are tough and yield you higher scores in NEET PG & DNB CET pro-metrics. MicroMocks are 1 day exams and hence don’t miss.

MicroMock SPM 50 covers hot topics and is high scoring for NEET PG

Fail SPM 50 and be successful.

You can fail this exam and be successful in NEET PG (only if you take time to learn the mistakes with explanations). A selection of top mistaken-MCQs from social and preventive medicine, will yield you good scores in NEET PG prometric scoring system. Exam is a single day exam and ends at midnight.

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