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Important Note: G2M Subject-wise groups released for 2018-2019 preparation. It is self-check in and please see the links here 

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How does WhatsApp Group Chat work for Medical PG Preparation?

 WhatsApp groups are taking over online medical PG preparation from famous forums like RxPG. The advantage for WhatsApp is due to it’s ease of use and access everywhere on mobile, even with low bandwidth internet.

The Group Chat feature lets you connect with up to 100 other medical PG exam candidates at a time on your mobile phone or tablet.  It is a great way to share questions, ideas, news, images, study tips etc. Here you have some points to remember about WhatsApp.

  • You can create your own study groups or join study groups created by others.
  • Each group has one or more admins. Admins can add or remove participants and add other admins.
  • You can control your own participation in a Study Group Chat, by staying in or leaving the group when you wish. 
  • It is absolutely free of cost. It is understood that mobile data costs applies. 

whatsapp2The most important factor for a useful WhatsApp group is to be in the right peer group. If you are preparing for NEET PG, It is best to be in the correct peer group of NEET PG candidates.

WhatsApp is a quick and easy way to share photos using mobile cameras. You could discuss MCQs and topics on the move and get notification in real time. You could ask questions as they pop up and not wait to login next time! 

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3 reasons why RxPG is attracting less discussions these days

  1. Emergence of WhatsApp: The important reason is the emergence on mobile chat groups. RxPG forum is often used to share phone numbers for WhatsApp groups and people leave the forum empty without any discussion. RxPG moderators tried to stop personal information (phone numbers) being shared by blocking few contacts. This has had no effects on people sharing mobile numbers. 
  2. Excess regulation: Internet stands for freedom. However your freedom to discuss MCQs that belongs to NBE (e.g. NEET PG & DNB exams) is regulated. Forums have been stricter and more control have been exercised over discussions. This is uncomfortable and moderation often makes you feel like you are treated like children. 
  3. Mobile social media: RxPG was the most used forum for medical PG preparation in India. The relevance of forums came down with 3 important changes
    1. Facebook Groups and Pages
    2. Google Plus Circles
    3. Most Importantly: WhatsApp Chat Groups

Why should people login to a forum when they get live updates in their pockets? Innovation of WhatsApp Chat for Medical PG preparation wins the race at present. WhatsApp’s dominance is likely to last as long as it is free for download and use. 

 GateToMedicine hosts over 96 chat groups at present for medical PG preparation. Full candidate support for this is provided free of cost. G2M is introducing a WhatsApp meeting point to allocate correct PG candidates into the appropriate groups E.g. NEET PG WhatsApp Group. This will definitely improve the discussions and the learning experience.

IMG_0132Learning is fun on WhatsApp groups. Images and multi-media make it a very interesting place to share thoughts. 

There are different types of participants. Some are more active that others. There are likely to be a few active members all the time. There should be a balance of give and take. 

G2M WhatsApp groups are self moderated and the responsibility for contents is for the individual participants. You can always alert the admin if there are unacceptable issues.

 WhatsApp Groups for medical PG preparation in India is best to be dynamic with new members coming in and out at regular intervals. 

IMG_0130Whatsapp for medical pgHere are few examples of medical PG exam preparation and MCQ discussions on G2M groups. GateToMedicine encourage online communities because it creates a unique environment of learning through discussion. Most of the times discussions are helpful and there is a lot of passive learning. Like any forums there are drawbacks too. 

The commonest drawback is about discussing mistakes and believing that they are correct. If 3 or 4 of the group members think an answer is correct, others don’t challenge it anymore. It is always good to ask for reference in discussion, even to your friend! GateToMedicine does not allow a single question without reference on it’s courses. On G2M there is over 20,000 MCQs with full standard references. However, it’s WhatsApp groups are not moderated. You can expect mistakes. We advise to use the forums in conjunction with the G2M course materials.

G2M study panel, unlike, books and guides can be used to keyword search questions. This makes it easier to find a correct answer for a new question as soon as possible. Hence we recommend you subscribe to Platinum Access, that provides full site availability. WhatsApp medical PG preparation is likely to a key tool in exam preparation for 2018-19. 


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