Telegram groups for stable Medical PG preparation 2017-18

What’s required for consistent online chat learning for medical PG?

A number of social learning groups are published here for medical PG entrance preparation in 2017-18. Unlike G2M What’sApp groups telegram helps to identify people with names and manage larger groups. This will significantly reduce the ‘swinging phenomenon’ currently observed on chat groups. Candidates move from link to link which creates a drift and distraction from their own preparation goals. Some are disappointed to be excluded and request for a second group. To prevent this from hindering preparation G2M has opened subject-wise groups on telegram. These groups are open to anyone preparing for Medical PG Entrance Examinations in 2017-18. The groups can hold large number of candidates.

Except G2M super-batches, none of the chat groups are fully moderated. All participants are expected to abide with G2M chat policies and respect Indian national and international laws. This will be a matter of personal responsibility and G2M will not interfere or be responsible. However inappropriate use of the groups will be monitored and responded appropriately to support candidates who are serious about their preparation. Note: Using external chat links on the group chats without agreeing with g2m staff will lead to rejection of membership.

G2M Study Groups for NEET PG year 2017-18 are published below. Click on the buttons to join.

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