Revision Advice

We highly recommend you to start your study by attending National Live Mock Test, even if you are not confident to appear. Daily mock tests helps your memory and organise your study in small chunks. Slowly you will improve. For attempting today’s National Live Mock Test – Click Here

For revision purpose we have designed a Study Panel for you. You have 4 different revision methods available there.

1. You can start your revision with G2M Genius

In Genius you can attempt all the questions available on your pack continuously and no go back or reset. Genius monitor your performance on each questions you attempt and hence the name Genius. If you make more mistakes on hard questions, then it will give you more hard questions and answers to practice more and to improve. In G2M Genius first you need to see the candidate status bar(P, A, AA etc will be written as a bar). When you into Genius first, there won’t be any candidate status for you. Attempt first 15 questions in Genius and check your candidate status on the Status Bar(From 16th question to each 50 questions, your candidate status will change based on your performance on past attempted questions, eg: on 16th, 66th, 116th, 166th etc., questions your candidate status will change). Based on the status you should practice more questions using Rapid Test.

2. Rapid Test is for Repeated Practice of questions

You have different types of filters available with Rapid Test. You can make a pool of easy questions, hard questions or moderate questions. You can attempt subject wise questions or even chapter wise question. You can filter questions you’ve not seen, you attempted wrongly etc. Practice more number of questions and go back to genius and try next 50 questions. Check your candidate status and come back to Rapid Test to practice more.
Candidate status on G2M Genius will tell you where you are weak, you can practice questions from that part using Rapid test.

3. My Test to save your test and Repeated Practice

If you are making more mistakes on Hard questions, create and save a test of 50 hard questions you got wrong, using the filters and the test will be saved in My Test. You should attempt the test repeatedly and by repeated practice you’ll study all those questions. Do the same for the areas you are weak.

4. Mock Test to test yourself

Yeah!! Now its time to test yourself. Create your own mock test. Select subjects, number of questions and time for exam and create a test. Attempt the test and evaluate yourself like real exam. You’ll get the answers and your responses on questions after the test.

Thus you could use the above 4 revision tools to improve your rank for our Daily Live Mock Tests and to prepare for various Medical PG Entrance Exams.

Our National Live Mock Tests are like real exams. Candidates from whole over India attempt test and you can compare yourself with others. We conduct Live Exams each day. So prepare well for each live exam, you’ll see your ranks comes up each day.

Finally when you face the real entrance exam, you can see your name on TOP OF RANK LIST!!!!

All the work is done for you! You just need to attend and revise questions daily.