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RCG Image MCQs for NEET PG

Power Mock: 101 ECG MCQs & Steps to answer an ECG Image MCQ

Attend the most important ECG MCQs from national and state medical PG exams. The mock tests covers image ECG MCQs for NEET PG, clinical ECG questions for AIIMS PG, ECG knowledge questions for NBE exams and key areas related to functioning of heart relevant to ECG. 

Best notes for AIPGMEE

5 Tips for taking Medical PG Computer Notes

What to remember about computer notes for your medical PG entrance exam preparation? Many of our candidates use computer notes to help their medical PG exam preparation. Note taking has evolved over time and there are some drawbacks to this. Writing down notes, drawing diagrams and making mental associations on...

DNB CET Scoring & Results

Important Tips for good results in DNB CET using equating and item response scaling

This article covers DNB CET Scoring Tips, DNB CET Results Improvement and 3 Tips for DNB CET Preparation with insights into the complicated scoring system. Stay with GateToMedicine for your success in upcoming exams.

AIPGMEE 2016 – The big win strategies

How to be consistent in your AIPGMEE exam preparation? The triad of Selection, Planning & Learning for AIPGMEE 2016.  The three things that brings success to most candidates in AIPGMEE exam is a triad of selection, planning and learning. It is a triad because all the three limbs are equally...

Medical PG Preparation on WhatsApp – Join G2M Chat Park for Exam Study

How does WhatsApp Group Chat work for Medical PG Preparation? The Group Chat feature lets you connect with up to 100 other medical PG exam candidates at a time on your mobile phone or tablet.  It is a great way to share questions, ideas, news, images, study tips etc. Here you have...