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DIABETES : The examiners favorites in 2015-16 for AIIMS PG, DNB and AIPGMEE.

This exam is projected to help your NEET PG preparation in Nov-Dec 2016. It is a must attend for Platinum Access candidates. Diabetes have been examiners favorites in 2015-16 for AIIMS PG, DNB and AIPGMEE. This article is about the important areas that needs to be covered both MCQs and...

3 tips for DNB June 2016 preparation

3 Tips for Your DNB June 2016 Preparation

This article is about 3 tips for DNB June 2016 preparation. It comprises the most and highlighted techniques for your DNB CET examination. It includes the winning strategy for DNB June 2016. The power mock test series include DNB Clinical 120, DNB Pre-Clinical 120, DNB Select 300 and DNB Max 300. It is...

Why Youtube for Medical PG entrance learning?

Read this article about revolutionary changes in learning methods with audio visual learning for medical PG entrance on youtube. Animated video for medical PG study, powerpoint video for medical PG study and more to be combined with MCQ learning on G2M.

3 Toppers Tips for Medical PG Preparation in 2016

This article covers 3 interesting insights from toppers interview for medical PG. Reading for medical PG needs to be preceded by a pretest of the past questions. Medical PG preparation in 2016 should include mock tests for post reading practice.

DNB and AIPGMEE 2016

DNB a platform for AIPGMEE 2016 preparation

You must already know that the schedule for DNB Nov 2015 and AIPGMEE 2016. AIPGMEE starts immediately after DNB. Hence DNB mock tests and exam will complement your AIPGMEE. Examination Dates for DNB-CET: 28th November – 1st December 2015 Online Registration & Scheduling for DNB-CET: 16th September – 22nd October 2015...