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EXPOSURE IS KING – Get ridiculously good results in Medical PG Entrance Exams

Medical PG preparation tips are full of conflicting views on the internet. However it is certain that preparation is the key and exposure to a range of topics and questions is the king of all tips.

Here is an example of a top candidate’s score fluctuations in different exams on GateToMedicine. Despite good preparation a fluctuation of 10-20% marks could happen with the type of paper and topics covered.

This can explain the unexpected setbacks for many well prepared candidates attending national medical PG exams like AIPGMEE, AIIMS, DNB and state exams. 

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Past questions are by far the best predictor of future questions for most exams e.g AIPGMEE 2016. Hence there are no better tips for medical PG preparation. National Board of Examinations warn candidates not to share the questions to prevent the pool from being published. The truth is that it is impossible for questions or knowledge base to be not shared in this social age. Academics are not usually inclined to making new questions and often change the format of existing MCQs each year. Even when there are fully new questions they are not more than 10-15%. These often doesn’t stop you from qualifying. 

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Our best tips for good medical PG result include attending mock tests irrespective of whether it is for your state or not. Do not forget see the corrections and answers immediately after the exams. You may also check the results when the exam period is over.

GateToMedicine has come up with platinum access to meet the current needs of candidates. Exams and contents are accessible from mobile devices like Android mobiles, iPhones and iPads. If you use iOS devices, please contact GateToMedicine to get it assigned to your device separately. 

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Tips for good medical PG result? 

Get on board and start a routine of practice and drip learning from a big pool of common questions. Exposure is the king of medical PG preparation tips. 

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