GateToMedicine Medical PG Mock Test Schedule - AIIMS PG, AIPGMEE, DNB Mock Test and More

GateToMedicine has revised its mock test series from December 2014 to include selected state level medical PG mock test series. AIIMS Mock Test Series, AIPGMEE Mock Test Series and DNB Mock Test Series will start in  March 2015. The new exams added are COMEDK and BLDEU-PGET (Karnataka Medical PG Mock Test Series), APPG MET (Andra Pradesh Medical PG Mock Test), Kerala Medical PG Mock Tests and MCI Screening.

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Medical PG mock test series on Gate To Medicine.

Medical PG Mock Test Series on G2M

Frequently Asked Questions about Medical PG Mock Test Series:

1. Can I attend AIPGMEE Mock Test on my smartphone?

Yes. Most medical PG mock test can be accessed via Website, Android app, iPhone  and iPad. Medical PG mock test conducted on centre 2 cannot be accessed via mobile devices. This is a rare situation. The list given above explains which platforms are available for each exam.

2. Is mock test the only form of exam practice on your website?

Gladly, No. For Example. AIPGMEE Mock Test or AIIMS Mock Test attended by you will be available with answers, explanations, corrections, rank list and statistics in the medical PG mock test centre.  The medical PG mock test questions are further added to the study panel, where you have free MCQs and more than 15,000 MCQs to top up. Study panel offers a number of web apps to assist your self preparation for medical PG exams.

 3. Are AIIMS, AIPGMEE and DNB mock test series from the same pool of questions?

No. AIIMS PG has a separate pool of questions. NBE exams like DNB, AIPGMEE and MCI screening have a good degree of overlap of questions. However good preparation level cannot be achieved without covering the key 3 exams. There are a number of new medical mock scenarios and medical image questions in MCQ format. Hence the DNB mock test questions are important in AIPGMEE preparation too.

4. Do I have to buy a package to do a mock test?

No. You don’t need any packages to attend a free medical PG mock test. You can also buy medical PG mock tests individually. E.g. You can buy an AIPGMEE Mock Test, DNB Mock Test or Karnataka PG Medical Mock Test separately. It is available to buy on the medical PG mock test centre. Typical cost of a medical PG mock test is Rs.200-Rs.300. However, it is many times more economical to buy medical PG mock test series as a part of a combined package. E.g. You get all the mock tests and 15,000+ questions for revision for a period of one year if you buy a Classic Plus Pack.

5. I can see the same DNB mock test running for 3-4 days. Is it the same exam?

Yes, absolutely. A medical PG mock test typically runs 24 hours for 3-4 days. E.g. AIPGMEE Mock Test starts on a Sunday and expires on Wednesday. This is to provide enough time and opportunity for you to attend them if you are working or busy with personal commitments. A new medical PG mock test will start after the expiry of the initial one. E.g. DNB mock test will commence after AIPGMEE mock test expires on Thursday and will continue till midnight of Saturday. You could attend the exam during the valid period, 24 hours a day from web or mobile devices.

6. I can see varying number of questions in medical PG mock test series. Can you explain this?

This is a vey good question. Since we started to do AIPGMEE mock test series our research team indicated that most candidates would like the exams to be short when it is weeks away from the NBE AIPGMEE. E.g. A DNB mock test could have 50-100 questions 8 weeks prior to exam. This would increase to 180 questions near to the actual DNB exam. The number of questions in a medical PG mock test is reduced to facilitate steady learning with maximum retention. In other words an AIPGMEE mock test series with less number of questions will be more frequent and vice versa.

7. Can I get my answers and results immediately after the exam?

No, for a reason. We would like to have your medical PG mock test similar to the real exam. E.g. after an AIPGMEE mock test you may have to wait for 1-4 days for the exam to expire. You will have your mock test rank, answers, explanations, corrections and statistics in the medical PG mock test centre immediately when the exam expired. This is usually in the midnight when the date change. It is good to reflect on the exam whilst you wait for the medical PG mock test result.

8. Is the AIPGMEE mock test on iPad the same on the website?

Yes, it is. The medical PG mock tests on website, android, iPhone and iPad are synchronised in real time through GateToMedicine’s Advanced Dedicated Server (Cloud Technology). We are the only providers of such facilities for medical PG mock tests in the country or even broader. The medical PG mock test result is published on all devices at the same time and results are accessible via any device in real time!

9. Is free DNB mock test accessible via mobile devices?

No, sorry. Free medical PG mock test is usually conducted on Centre 2 and it can we accessed on website. It is not supported on mobile devices. Having said that we occasionally publish free medical PG mock tests on  mobiles for demo purposes. We hope you understand.

10. If I struggle with the site will I receive support?

Yes. Support is certain. We have an excellent record of supporting medical PG candidates. There are various ways you can contact us. Contact number and WhatsApp is the easiest. There is an inbuilt chat on the website for medical PG mock test candidates. We respond to emails promptly. We can help you with anything. Sales related questions are like – how to use a debit card to purchase medical PG mock test packages? Technical questions are like – how to use all the functions on the site? Medical content related questions are like queries regarding the contents. We are happy to guide you on the phone until you are satisfied! Please do not hesitate to call our friendly team.