Long Term Study Planning for your DNB CET July 2016

DNB CET July 2016

An organised schedule for your DNB CET July 2016 preparation should outline your study times and learning selection in the coming 3 months. This approach is also good for any long term medical PG preparation like AIPGMEE 2017.

3 modus operandi for your DNB CET July 2016 Preparation:

Accountability: A study plan holds you accountable to yourself. Failure to comply with your plan helps to see the actual reasons for your undesirable results.

Spoon Feeding Syndrome: Self-discipline and determination are important personal characteristics of successful candidates in medical PG entrance. Attending medical PG courses where you expect things to be fed to your brain is a bad idea. It is not the courses that makes people successful in medical PG exams; it is the motivated candidates who make courses successful!

Combine with practical learning: When it comes to long-term learning it is momentous that medical PG candidates combine their clinical practice with theoretical learning. For example, if you are learning for your next DNB CET July 2016 or AIPGMEE 2017, keep the exam in mind even when you do clinics. If you see a patient with meningitis, login to G2M and create a ‘my topic’ with keyword ‘meningitis’. Appear and rehearse the questions. This will help your exam and patient alike.

What can absolute thinking do your DNB CET July 2016 and AIPGMEE 2017 preparation?

Many candidates who had not performed well in 2015 DNB CET reported that their biggest problem was procrastination. The most important cause for procrastination in a medical graduate is ‘absolute thinking’. Most of us are motivated and intellectually gifted. But there is one problem – waiting for perfection. Thinking black and white when it comes to your DNB CET or AIPGMEE 2017 preparation is a very bad idea for the following reasons:

  1. You may not even start your preparation waiting for the perfect moment
  2. You may read every detail in the book and be too slow for your AIPGMEE 2017 preparation
  3. You want to complete every topic and not use a selection for your DNB CET 2016
  4. If you don’t complete everything you feel like a failure. You are put off and study plan ends prematurely before your DNB exam
  5. You are over-inclusive when it comes to selection of medical PG entrance study topics.
  6. Unrealistic study goals leads to disappointment in AIPGMEE preparation and exam results.

If you have any of the above you may be a victim of ‘absolute thinking’. There is nothing called perfect preparation. Get started straight away. Keep doing something focused. It can be different chapters from different subjects. Keep doing. Keep practicing.


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HYT 066 – Pigmentation disorders

There are 61 AIPGMEE MCQs, 43 AIIMS  and 43 DNB CET MCQs for you to revise today with the keyword ‘Pigmentation’ on Platinum access.

We recommend that you be thorough with the G2M HYTs due to their high probability of repeats. Read the explanations well because you may find new questions from those areas in your AIIMS PG and AIPGMEE exams.

Answer the MCQs below and see the popular answers. Don’t forget to check the correct answers and explanations.

Ring of woronoff is associated with which of the following disorder?
Lichen lanus
13 Candidates
141 Candidates
Tinea manuum
11 Candidates
Granuloma annulare
10 Candidates


Traumatic induction of psoriasis on a nonlesional skin is known as:
Auspitz sign
14 Candidates
Koebner phenomenon
148 Candidates
2 Candidates
Psoriasis geographica
1 Candidates


What is the mode of inheritance of Incontinentia pigmenti, also known as Bloch–Sulzberger syndrome?
Autosomal dominant
5 Candidates
Autosomal recessive
5 Candidates
X linked dominant
95 Candidates
X linked recessive
19 Candidates


The references for the above questions were from the following:

Q1) Lapeere H, Boone B, De Schepper S, Verhaeghe E, Van Geel M , Ongenae K, Van Geel N, Lambert J, Brochez L. Chapter 75. Hypomelanosis and Hypermelanosis. In: Goldsmith LA, Katz SI, Gilchrest BA, Paller AS, Leffell DJ, Wolff K. eds. Fitzpatrick’s Dermatology in General Medicine, 8e.

Image link : The above image is chosen and displayed from the web. This image do not belong to Gate To Medicine. The author is the responsible owner of the image. We believe that this image is helpful for your learning.

Q2) Lawley LP, McCall CO, Lawley TJ. Eczema, Psoriasis, Cutaneous Infections, Acne, and Other Common Skin Disorders. In: Kasper D, Fauci A, Hauser S, Longo D, Jameson J, Loscalzo J. eds. Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine, 19e.

Q3) Saenz M, Tsai A, Manchester DK, Elias ER. Genetics & Dysmorphology. In:Hay WW, Jr., Levin MJ, Deterding RR, Abzug MJ. eds. CURRENT Diagnosis & Treatment: Pediatrics, 22e.

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Tips for Medical PG revision on G2M:

How to use platinum access to cover High Yielding Topic (H-Y-T) 066: Pigmentation disorders?

You can create a ‘MY TOPIC‘ in the study panel and name it ‘Pigmentation disorders AIPG’ or ‘Pigmentation disorders AIIMS’. Use keyword search to create a HYT. Search for ‘Pigmentation’ and click create test. This will be saved a HYT for your future revision too. Get platinum access instant subscribe. 

How to create HYTs on Study Panel for AIPGMEE, AIIMS PG and DNB exams?

Make sure you have selected AIIMS, AIPGMEE or DNB as package on Study Panel. 

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 11.05.42

Step 1: On study panel click on My Topics (My Tests). 

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 16.13.26

Step 2: Click Create New

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 16.15.52

Step 3: Give Test Name ‘Pigmentation disorders AIPG’. Type under keyword filter ‘Pigmentation’. You have 61 questions today on Pigmentation disorders for AIPGMEE alone. Do the same for AIIMS and DNB later.

Note: Keyword is Pigmentation 


Step 4: Generate Exam will save your topic for future.


This article is about tips for DNB CET July 2016 preparation. Read the 3 modus operandi for your DNB CET 2016 and AIPGMEE 2017 preparation. Also read why you should abandon absolute thinking for your long term study for DNB CET.

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