Watch out Hepatitis B MCQs for AIIMS PG 2015 – Latest Advances

Latest advances in medicine for AIIMS PG May 2015 preparation

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AIIMS PG entrance exam is one where you can definitely expect questions from the new advances. There is a question whether it is practical for anyone to cover the up-to-date journals for the sake of AIIMS PG May 2015 preparation. Although this is a good tip, it is useless unless it is targeted to some key areas where there are rapid advances. One such area is ‘liver’ or Hepatology. We have an example topic here where we cover some top 10 advances to date on Hepatitis B to support your AIIMS PG preparation. Hepatitis is a favourite for a range of specialists from Gastros to Immunos. 

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Intersting facts:

  • There are 10 viral genotypes for HBV known today. Each genotype is defined by sequence divergence of > 8% to the entire HBV genome
  • Pegylated interferon prolongs day absorption time and half life  and hence allows once weekly dosing
  • Duration of interferon therapy in clinically significant  HBV patients is 48 weeks.


The currently approved new drugs for Hepatitis B

2 immunomodulatory agents

  1. Standard interferon
  2. Pegylated interferon alfa

5 nucleos(t)ide analogues

  1. Lamivudine
  2. Telbivudine
  3. Entecavir
  4. Adefovir
  5. Tenofovir

MCQ challenge: 

High risk of cirrhosis and HCC in Hepatitis B is associated with which of the following?

A. High HBV DNA level and low HBSAg level
B. High HBV DNA level and high HBSAg level
C. Low HBV DNA level and high HBSAg level
D. Low HBV DNA level and low HBSAg level

Guess & Click here for answer

Several factors correlate disease progression in Hepatitis B. One of which is High HBV DNA level and high HBSAg level. 

HCC Risk also increases with:

  • Viral genotype C
  • Genotype D
  • Basal core promoter mutant

Important Questions from PEG-IFN

3 predictors of treatment response of asians with PEG-IFN treatment in HBV

  • Lower HBV DNA level
  • Higher ALT level have better predictive response
  • Genotype B and C are comparable predictors

Currently PEG-IFN is recommended as the first line therapy for chronic HBV patients. PEG-IFN is more appropriate for young patients, those who can better tolerate side effects and those who are reluctant to receive indefinite treatment.

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