Power Mock 100: Image Based MCQs for AIIMS PG May 2016

Image MCQs Medical PG

Image Based MCQs (Part 2) for Medical PG: Power Mock 2016

Attend the Top 100 Image MCQs Part 2 and get on top of the most repeated Medical PG Image MCQs in India. More Image MCQs will be conducted before AIIMS PG May 2016. 

This mock test is highly recommended for AIIMS 2016, DNB 2016 and AIPGMEE 2017.

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Tips for Medical PG Image Based MCQs

  1. Have an exam map of medical PG exam you are preparing for. E.g AIIMS, AIPGMEE and DNB. Map out the areas of usually asked image based questions (MCQs).

Eg. Medicine
> Chest X-rays
> Pleural Effusion

> Add More +
> Atrial Fibrillation
> Add More +

ECG medical image mcqs for aiims PGMake sure that you add all 19 medical subjects. Radiology itself is a major area but there is a lot of crossover. You should bear in mind that many X-rays and contrast studies are contributed by this department for examinations. It is worth thinking during your internship postings. Each time you come across an image based MCQ, note the topic under the map. This will help you to google image search the topics near to your exam. No two medical PG images are exactly repeated! That’s just a wish, if not an anomaly.

  1. Be systematic when you analyse an image on your AIPGMEE exam day. E.g. See the colour of the stain in a microbiology slide image before looking at the structure details. This needs to be practiced. Do not look at the answers first when you learn. You fail to analyse the details if you know the answer first. Learn the method to answer, not the answer byheart. Read more about systematic approach to ECG image MCQs here. Note down 5-7 steps for a systematic approach to each type of image MCQs for AIPGMEE, DNB & AIIMS PG. E.g. Image MCQs for X-rays, slides, surgical instruments, dermatology, CT scan etc.
  2. The problem: Look for the single most important idea that is being tested. There is usually one problem. But the solution to the problem requires more than 1 step. Hence there will be distractors in the choices that needs to be eliminated. A ‘common misconception’ is often used as a distractor for medical PG entrance exams. Think twice when the answer is too obvious!
  3. The distractors: The distractor are strategically designed to attract candidates who haven’t fully mastered the medical PG exam topic. There are usually 2-3 distractors in a good medical PG image MCQ. A distractor can be correct but may not be the answer for the question.
  4. Be Testwise: Look for negatives, double negatives, always, never and all. ‘All of the above’ helps because you need to know only 2 of the choices are correct! Look for biased cueing like ‘long choices’ and grammatical cues. ‘often’, ‘sometimes’, ‘frequently’ ‘might’ and ‘rarely’ can help spot the answers.
  5. Tease out the process-oriented and result-oriented medical PG image questions. In a process oriented image question you will be expected to know the steps. E.g. which stain is used to identify the organism in this microscopy. In a result oriented image question it may be the diagnosis that is expected.
  6. Practice: There is no substitute for practicing the variations of the same question for your medical PG exams. On GateToMedicine platinum access will now add 1 new medical PG image question per day. 1 image question can be expected in each mock test too. Get Platinum Access Here or Login if you already have it. For how to use platinum access, see below. Google Image Search: Once you have mapped out the important image topics it’s time to see the variations. Type each topic in google image search and find similar images. You can also upload an image to find similar images.

More study points on medical MCQs will be released in future articles with appropriate High Yield Topics. You could attend the online exams for medical PG on G2M to master image based MCQs. It is time to make image based MCQs your strength in the upcoming medical PG entrance exams.

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Attend the Top 100 Image MCQs Part 2 and get on top of the most repeated Medical PG Image MCQs in India. More Image MCQs will be conducted before AIIMS PG May 2016. This mock test is highly recommended for AIIMS 2016, DNB 2016 and AIPGMEE 2017.

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