HYT 034 – Cranial Nerves

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HYT 034 – Cranial nerves

There are 75 AIPGMEE MCQs, 54 AIIMS  and 68 DNB CET MCQs for you to revise today with the keyword ‘cranial nerve’ on Platinum access.

We recommend that you be thorough with the G2M HYTs due to their high probability of repeats. Read the explanations well because you may find new questions from those areas in your AIIMS PG and AIPGMEE exams. 

Answer the MCQs below and see the popular answers. Don’t forget to check the correct answers and explanations.

Which of the following cranial nerve nucleus pass deep to facial colliculus? AIIMS MAY 2015
3 Candidates
2 Candidates
14 Candidates
116 Candidates

ALL of the following muscles are supplied by facial nerve, EXCEPT:
95 Candidates
6 Candidates
Posterior belly of digastric
4 Candidates
Muscles of facial expression
3 Candidates

ALL of the following ocular muscles are supplied by trigeminal nerve, EXCEPT:
Ciliary muscle
2 Candidates
Dilator pupillae
48 Candidates
Superior rectus
22 Candidates
Levator palpebrae superioris
19 Candidates
The references for the above questions were from the following:

Q1) Clinical Anatomy (A Problem Solving Approach), Second Edition By Neeta V Kulkarni page 600.

Q2) Chapter 69. Anatomy, Physiology, & Testing of the Facial Nerve. In: Lalwani AK. eds. CURRENT Diagnosis & Treatment in Otolaryngology—Head & Neck Surgery, 3e

Q3) Chapter 8. Cranial Nerves and Pathways. In: Waxman SG. eds.Clinical Neuroanatomy, 27e.

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How to use platinum access to cover High Yielding Topic (H-Y-T) 034: Cranial nerves?

You can create a ‘MY TOPIC‘ in the study panel and name it‘Cranial nerves AIPG’ or ‘Cranial nerves AIIMS’. Use keyword search to create a HYT. Search for ‘cranial nerve’ and click create test. This will be saved a HYT for your future revision too. Get platinum access instant subscribe. 

How to create HYTs on Study Panel for AIPGMEE, AIIMS PG and DNB exams?

Make sure you have selected AIIMS, AIPGMEE or DNB as package on Study Panel. 

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 11.05.42

Step 1: On study panel click on My Topics (My Tests). 

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 16.13.26

Step 2: Click Create New

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 16.15.52

Step 3: Give Test Name ‘Cranial nerves AIPG’. Type under keyword filter ‘cranial nerve’. You have 75 questions today on Cranial Nerves for AIPGMEE alone. Do the same for AIIMS and DNB later.

Note: Keyword is cranial nerve

Step 4: Generate Exam will save your topic for future.

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This article covers how to prepare for AIIMS PG, DNB, AIPGMEE 2016 and Indian state medical PG exams 2016 with interval learning and practice tests.

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