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Cost: FREE. Task & Study Target based monthly extension of package. Includes full version. E.g. Attend 80% of mock tests for extension.
Over 17,000 high-yielding MCQs

Includes National Courses: AIPGMEE, AIIMS and DNB
Includes State PG Exams: Karnataka, Kerala, JK, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra (coming soon) and Tamil Nadu (coming soon)
Other courses Includes: Harrison’s Pack, Student Packs with topic-wise exams and all future packs will be included.
Platforms: Website, Android devices, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

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Step 1:

Read the no misuse policy and give details of 2 of your friends. All 3 of you will have FREE full access. This is a gift for your friends so contact them and ask them to register on G2M – Registration Link Click Here

No Misuse Policy: 

Privilege access is a unique opportunity for selected candidates to access the full resources of GateToMedicine.

Policy 1: Any misuse of the contents including downloading, printing, copying or sharing passwords is considered as misuse. This could result in immediate termination of your account and that of your friends. 

Policy 2: Friends should be referred with their consent. We may contact your friends and they should be able to recollect the referral.

Policy 3: All other terms and conditions of GateToMedicine applies.

Step 2: Fill in the form

Step 3: If you have completed and submitted your application please wait for us to contact you with the full access details. Also make sure that your friends have registered on G2M – Registration Link Click Here. Offer this to friends as a gift of FREE full access.
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