Cover frequent questions on Chest X-Rays with and without images

Chest X-rays appears in medical PG exams in many different formats, 3 common formats are an image question asking to interpret the findings, a theoretical question about a ‘sign’ or a ‘finding’ that gives clue to the answer and the third is a clinical scenario with X-ray findings and details of other investigations.  Once you know the importance of chest X-rays for your NEET PG, you look at it differently. Successful medical PG candidates know that mastering this topic can get you some of the most important clues to the right answer. 

Chest X-rays is High Yield Topic 006 because it is inevitable for AIIMS, NEET PG, JIPMER and DNB exams. 

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Attempt the questions below and find answers and explanations on think detail.

Kerley B lines are seen in a chest X-ray in which among the following condition?
A. Pulmonary edema
444 Candidates
B. Lung abscess
15 Candidates
C. Pulmonary embolism
17 Candidates
D. Carcinoma bronchus
3 Candidates
Normal cardiothoracic ratio is:
A. 0.4
225 Candidates
B. 0.5
159 Candidates
C. 0.6
18 Candidates
D. 0.7
16 Candidates
A young lady presented with bilateral nodular lesions on shins. She was also found to have bilateral hilar lymphadenopathy on chest X-ray. Mantoux test reveals indurations of 5 mms. Which of the following change can be noted on her skin biopsy when done?
A. Noncaseating Granuloma
272 Candidates
B. Vasculitis
6 Candidates
C. Caseating Granuloma
43 Candidates
D. Malignant cells
3 Candidates
A 35 year old roofer presents to his primary care physician complaining of dyspnea and chronic dry cough. Chest x-ray reveals pulmonary hyperinflation with "honeycombing" and calcified parietal pleural plaques. The most likely diagnosis is:
A. Anthracosis
7 Candidates
B. Asbestosis
278 Candidates
C. Berylliosis
3 Candidates
D. Byssinosis
7 Candidates
Pneumatoceles in chest X-ray in an infant with breathlessness, tachycardia, fever and respiratory failure suggests a diagnosis of:
A. S.aureus
249 Candidates
B. Klebsiella
24 Candidates
C. Pneumothorax
3 Candidates
D. Air embolism
7 Candidates

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