Your Bid for Platinum Access – What’s App Chat Park Members Only

Please note: This offer applies to existing candidates at renewal of the package.

What is a platinum bundle?

When you buy as a group you get Platinum Access for less cost. However, most people find it difficult to make groups. Hence G2M does it for you. 

Platinum access offers the best online learning opportunity on the web for medical PG entrance. It has 17,800MCQs, 2 Mock Tests Daily, High Yield Mock Tests, MCQs and Articles and it is accessible via mobile devices, apps and web. Platinum access is a popular option that covers state PG entrance exams too. 

How does this work?

Higher bids need only lesser candidates and you are more likely to win the bid quicker. It is best to be genuine about your affordability and you will match people of your circumstances. We will try and get you on board as soon as we can. Any questions please email 

Steps to follow:

1. If you are G2M What’sApp Chat Park member, this offer applies to you. 

2. Fill in the form on the left. Choose your bid (the amount you can afford for the value that platinum access provides)

3. Click submit

4. If you have chosen to receive invoice, you will receive an offer invoice (with a link for secure online payment). If not we will contact you. On payment your platinum access will be activated.