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AIIMS PG Exam Preparation

AIIMS PG November 2014 Questions

Latest AIIMS PG Nov 2014 Questions are updated here. AIIMS PG Entrance 2014 was conducted on 09 November. AIIMS PG 2014 result will be published here. Click for AIIMS PG Jan 2015 Prospectus. The general feedback is that there was a high proportion of AIIMS PG questions were new, clinical scenarios and image questions....

Doctors preparing for medcal PG entrance in India

Medical PG Entrance: Coaching Classes, Apps & Online Learning

When do you start your medical PG entrance exam preparations in India and how? Most medical students think about medical PG entrance exam preparations in India near to their internship or when they are house surgeons. Is this actually the right attitude to learning? Think about the competition. 150,000 or more doctors...

Medical PG entrance Exam Preparation

10 great tips for note taking for Medical PG Entrance exam preparation

This makes one think whether it is important for doctors to know about taking notes. There is a very good reason why it is important. Medical PG entrance exam preparation involves learning and revising more than 15 subjects. This is more to remember than most other competitive exams. There are...