What is the Craze About Mock Tests in Medical PG Entrance Preparation?

AIPGMEE, COMEDK mock test, AP PGMEE mock test and Kerala PGMEE mock test on G2M
Medical PG Mock Test Series on G2M

In this article I am going to discuss the necessity and benefits of online preparation and mock tests like AIPGMEE mock test, COMEDK mock test, Kerala PGMEE mock test and AP PGMEE mock test series. Most aspects of this blog applies to all national and state level medical PG entrance exam preparation.

What has caused the dramatic changes in medical PG entrance preparation?

The National Board of Examinations (NBE) and the Medical Council of India stunned the medical community in 2011 when they announced the first online medical PG entrance exam, NEET PG. After NEET PG was abandoned, in November 2013 the All India Post Graduate Medical Entrance Examination (AIPGMEE) changed from a paper and pencil test to a computer-based test (CBT) similar to NBE NEET PG. Candidates does not take the test over the internet. Instead of reading the questions from a paper booklet and darkening the ovals in an answer sheet, a candidate will now read the questions on a computer screen and choose an answer by using a mouse to click on the appropriate option. This was followed by NBE DNB (Diplomate of National Board) exams going online.

The changes led to a major shift in medical PG entrance preparation from textbook based guides to online courses with multimedia support and amazing interactivity. GateToMedicine is the largest provider of practice based learning and the first in India. There are a number of websites providing exam practice today. In this article I am going to use GateToMedicine  as an example only because I am more familiar with it and I believe it is one of the best. Today GateToMedicine provides series of practice exams for the following – AIPGMEE mock tests, Kerala PGMEE mock tests, AP PGMEE mock tests, COMEDK mock test, DNB mock test, AIIMS PG mock test and so on. Medical PG mock tests are now available on mobiles (Android and iPhone) and iPad. This is a significant innovation from GateToMedicine that candidates have been waiting for. 

Is COMEDK mock test an extra worry prior to actual exams? 

 COMEDK is the state medical PG exam of Karnataka state. This is only an example. Prior to actual exams people think why do I need this extra worry? Let us start with some core principles.

Consolidation of learning

Most people attend coaching classes, read books and attend online courses. Often it is difficult to know how much you have learned. Your presence in the medical PG entrance coaching classes doesn’t guarantee good learning.  E.g. If you have been attending lessons for your COMEDK exams, attending a COMEDK mock test helps to consolidate all the information that you have learned so far. When you look back at your notes after mock tests it starts to make sense.

 Many candidates avoid attending mock tests conducted by coaching classes due to fear of being judged or lack of anonymity.

Are you on the right track?

How do you know if you are on the right track with your Kerala PGMEE mock test?

This is an example. Most people who prepare for Kerala PGMEE knows that it is very competitive. Up to 70% of the candidates are registered to attend PG entrance coaching classes. Kerala PGMEE mock test helps to find the weak areas in your preparation. The Kerala PGMEE mock test scores reflect the gaps in your understanding before it is too late. Although it is painful, I recommend you to go through the pain and you will find success eventually. 

What do you take back from an online mock test?

It is a feedback of your learning so far. You might see that there are areas you haven’t covered. This can create a healthy anxiety which could drive your motivation. You could speak to your successful seniors or course mentor. When you prepare with GateToMedicine you could speak to your medical mentor online. You may also find that the areas you had covered did not guarantee correct responses, hence the need for revision. On GateToMedicine you could attend free online mock tests even if you are not subscribed to any packages.

Do you have to prepare for an AP PGMEE mock test?

Yes. PG aspirants and medical students should take AP PGMEE mock test, AIIMS PG mock test or any other mock test very seriously. There should be some revision prior to the mock tests exactly like the actual exam. Regular revision and testing of progress throughout the year is a key element of eventual medical PG entrance success.

How do you figure out your deficits in exam techniques by attending AIPGMEE mock test series?

Buckle under exam pressure

Even the no.1 student will be surprised with poor PG entrance results if exam techniques are not taken seriously for medical PG entrance exams. Examination is a pressure situation, and if one has already been through such pressure situations by way of mock examinations it is much easier in real examination.

Can’t deal with the silence of exam

Such aspects are often underestimated. It is good to do medical PG mock tests in a quiet place with no chance to communicate. Keep your mobile phone off. When you spend your time on it you have to get the full benefit. Do not look at notes or reference materials during the exam. Stress can skew your exam scores. You could have done 30% better without stress. This means more practice in real time is the key. 

Not used to time limits 

It is always good to attend exams conducted in real time with exact time limits as the ones conducted on GateToMedicine Centre 1 and Centre 2. Apps offer time limits too. If you hate the timer, you have to learn to love them. The idea of an exam is also to assess how well you perform under pressure. There is no substitute to practice. Online mock tests also helps to learn to manage time for actual online PG exams. E.g. How to keep some questions in the exam paper for visiting or reviewing later. 

Get used to Computer Based Tests (CBT) 

Exams conducted on computers need a different form of concentration to the ones conducted on paper. Hence it is essential to have done some online courses along with your offline preparation.  On GateToMedicine Centre 1 and Centre 2 exams are conducted exactly on a NBE platform for medical PG entrance exams (AIPGMEE and DNB). If there is a well laid plan on how to approach the paper, 50% work is already done. 

Interpreting your Medical PG Mock Test results:

I am using the example of GateToMedicine here. G2M mock test platform actually means to remove the social anxieties away. You can use a nickname and be anonymous. It’s your preparation and you do not have to prove to anyone else. At the same time you can see the results with rank list published against others. 

Corrected papers

It is critical that you receive your exam paper corrected with mistakes, answers, correct explanations and standard references. On GateToMedicine results centre you receive your full paper E.g AP PGMEE mock test result with corrections, answers, correct explanations and standard references. This is a great way to revise the topics. 

Rank lists, subject-wise scores and statistics

Knowing your strengths and weaknesses in a particular exam is easier than ever. GateToMedicine results provide full analysis of your scores only for people who attended the particular mock tests E.g COMEDK mock test. A lot of the work is done for you and valuable time saved. 

As much as you might hate the thought of attending your Kerala PGMEE mock test, they are the best thing you can do to help you get ready for the real thing!

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