AIPGMEE 2016 – The big win strategies

How to be consistent in your AIPGMEE exam preparation? The triad of Selection, Planning & Learning for AIPGMEE 2016. 

Start AIPGMEE preparation on G2M

Start AIPGMEE preparation on G2M

The three things that brings success to most candidates in AIPGMEE exam is a triad of selection, planning and learning. It is a triad because all the three limbs are equally important. 

A good selection of topics, effective time management and actual learning itself are all key in AIPGMEE exam success. It is important to know which topics to cover in the first instance. There is a hierarchy for selection that toppers follow. The most common and repeated topics should be covered before any new areas are explored. Most people try and grab new topics when their basics are weak. This is a fatal mistake, particularly for AIPGMEE exam and DNB where exams are CBT or computer based and there is item response evaluation.

The biggest drawback is that from a vast ocean of topics it is hard to find which new questions that are likely to appear for AIPGMEE. On the other hand when you get the most common question wrong, it puts you behind some 5000 people!

Planning and time management is very personal and cannot be generalised. It varies with the situation of the graduate, repeater or intern preparing for AIPGME exam. Finally, the hardest bit – Learning. It takes effort and consistency in sticking to your objective for effective AIPGMEE preparation. 

In this article I bring some key selection from AIPGMEE. It is unlikely that this topic will be omited for AIPGMEE 2016 – Acute & Chronic Appendicitis.  


Most commonly asked 6 signs of Appendicitis – MCQS of AIPGME Exams

Aaron’s sign: A referred pain or feeling of distress in the epigastrium or precordial region, on continuous firm pressure over McBurney’s point, in acute appendicitis.
Dieulafoy’s triadTenderness, muscular contraction and skin hyperaesthesia at McBurney’s point in appendicitis.

Try this now

All are important CT findings in the setting of acute appendicitis, EXCEPT:

A. Appendiceal diameter larger than 11mm
B. Periappendiceal fat inflammation
C. Fluid in the right lower quadrant
D. Failure of contrast dye to fill the appendix.

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Signs continues

Obturator sign It refers to presence of hypogastric pain on stretching the obturator internus due to its irritation in the pelvis. This test is performed by passive internal rotation of the flexed right thigh with the patient supine.
Bastedo’s sign Pain and tenderness in the right iliac fossa on inflation of the colon with air, in cases of chronic appendicitis.
Psoas sign  It is positive in retrocecal appendicitis. In this, irritation of the of the psoas muscle gives rise to pain when the patient’s right thigh is extended from the flexed position.
Rovsing’s sign  Pain at McBurney’s point induced in cases of appendicitis, by pressure exerted over the descending colon.

High-Yielding topics should be on the top of your selection and it is wise to move laterally gradually. There is no easy way to success. But there are definitely ways to make the journey easier. 

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