AIIMS PG November 2014 MCQs (29 -40) Questions from AIIMS PG November 2014

Latest questions from AIIMS PG November 2014 continued

AIIMS PG Nov 2014 exam was conducted on 09 November.  Click  for AIIMS PG PROSPECTUS Jan 2015. AIIMS May 2o14 results are published – Click here. The general feedback is that there was a high proportion of new questions, clinical scenarios and image questions. Questions are recollected from the memory of candidates and posted here on this post. You could post your answers and explanations as reply.


29. Which of the following medication is contraindicated in a 45 year old man with regular drinking and alcohol dependence?

A. Naltrexone
B. Acamprosate
C. Disulfiram
D. Phenytoin

30. Which is the following is not caused by Nontypeable Hemophilus Influenzae?

A. Otitis media
B. Meningitis
C. Sinusitis

D. Puerperal sepsis

31. Which of the following is true regarding Idiopathic Nonspecific Interstitial pneumonia?

A. Honeycombing on CT
B. Male predominant
C. Elderly age 

D. Good prognosis with glucocorticoids

32. LeVeen Shunt is used in:  (AIIMS PG NOV 2014)

A. Hydrocephalus
B. Refractory ascites

33. A 7 month old infant with pellagra like skin rash with aminoaciduria and a family history of four affected siblings and unaffected parents. What is the likely diagnosis? (AIIMS PG NOV 2014)

A. Maple syrup
B. Hartnups disease
C. Phenylketonuria
D. Dent’s disease

34. Which of the following is not used as a first line management in anovulatory bleeding in a 13 year old girl? (AIIMS NOV 2014)

A. Tranexamic acid
B. Progesterone
C. Mefenamic acid
D. Estrogen + progesterone

35. A 42 year old man with Primary infertility and on examination his testis is palpable and vas deferens was not palpable. On semen analysis shows Azoospermia, low volume, low pH, High viscosity and liquefaction time. What is the diagnosis? (AIIMS NOV 2014) 

A. Varicocele
B. CFTR mutation
C. Hyperprolactinemia
D. CARD15 mutations

36. Which of the following statement is false about Cavernous sinus Thrombosis? (AIIMS NOV 2014)

A. Occurs most commonly due to Ethmoid sinusitis
B. Loss of sensation around orbit
C. Loss of Jaw Jerk reflex
D. Fifth nerve palsy

37. Sunburst appearance in Osteosarcoma is due to? (AIIMS NOV 2014)

A. Calcification around spindles
B. Calcification around vessels
C. Periosteal reaction
D. Osteoclastic reaction

38. Apoptosis is caused by?

A. Oleic acid
B. Glucocorticoids
C. Myristic acid
D. Isoprenoid

39. A 15 year old girl with with alopecia, mental retardation presented with lump in
epigastrium. On palpation crepitus was present in epigastrium and Respiratory rate was
increased. What is the diagnosis?

A. Worms
B. Gastric Ulcer
C. Barrett’s esophagus
D. Trichobezoars

40. A 68 year male with tense blister which are itchy. Image is shown below. What is the diagnosis?  (AIIMS NOV 2014)


A. Urticarial plaque
B. Bullous Pemphigoid
C. Dermatitis herpetiformis
D. Pemphigus vulgaris

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