Latest questions from AIIMS November 2014 are updated here. AIIMS PG NOV 2014 Questions 1 to 08

Latest questions from AIIMS PG November 2014 are updated here.

AIIMS PG was conducted on 09 November 2014. The general feedback is that there was a high proportion of new questions, clinical scenarios and image questions. Questions are recollected from the memory of candidates and posted here on this post. You could post your answers and explanations for AIIMS PG Nov 2014 Questions as reply.

1. Which of the following is the treatment option for stage T3N0M0 Laryngeal carcinoma?

A. Radiotherapy
B. Radiation Therapy and Surgery
C. Chemotherapy
D. None of the above

2. Which of the following segments mediate H-reflex (Hoffmann reflex)?

A. C2-C3
B. T3-T4
C. S1
D. C3-T1

3. Cri-Du-Chat syndrome is due to the deletion of :

A. Chromosome 6
B. Chromosome 5
C. Chromosome 2
D. Chromosome 4

4. What is the fatal dose of Arsenic for human?

A. 120 – 200mg
B. 30.75 – 35.67mg
C. 2 – 3mg
D. 0.456 – 2.345mg

5. What is the blood level of lithium that could reliably predict toxicity?

A. 0.6-0.75 mmol/L
B. > 0.8 mmol/L
C. > 1.5 mmol/L
D. > 2 mmol/L

6. Which among the following arteritis is not seen in adults?

A. Polyarteritis nodosa (PAN)
B. Buerger’s disease
C. Kawasaki disease
D. Thromboangiitis obliterans

7. Which among the following is the drug for advanced prostate carcinoma?

A. Goserelin acetate
B. Fulvestrant
C. Nateglinide
D. Leflunomide

8. Which of the following is the most common form of parasuicide?

A. Cutting forearm
B. Overdose of medication
C. Self Burn
D. Hanging

AIIMS PG NOV 2014 Key will be published with answers and examination on GateToMedicine study panel.