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GateToMedicine has brought you the best available online technology for medical PG entrance learning in India.  A breath of fresh air in the fatiguing world of MCQ guides and patronising coaching classes  says Dr Sijil K Sivaraman MD, DM (Gastroenterologist)

Why we do what we do?

Medical PG Coaching in India

G2M for Medical PG Entrance Preparation

Imagine if your medical PG study books can know your strengths and weaknesses. What if it can see the mistakes made by thousands of others on a single MCQ? What if the guide can then assign a difficulty level for each MCQ? If it can allocate you questions proportionately to help your progress? What if it can tell you where you stand against thousands of others? How about having your statistics along side? What if it can motivate you to complete your whole course keeping track of your learning and not giving you the same question twice? What if you can filter, organise and save study? What if you have online medical PG mock tests 24/7? What if you can access the materials via web, iPhone, Android and iPad? What if you could do medical PG online mock tests on mobile devices?

We asked these questions to ourselves. And then we came up with GateToMedicine for medical PG entrance exam learning says Dr Salbu Krishnan DFM, MRCPsych (CEO, Auspec UK)

Gate To Medicine's success in India

G2M is popular in South India, Maharashtra, New Delhi and North East India (c) Google

 The story of Gate To Medicine started in 2010 when a group of medical colleagues came up with ideas for online learning. All that was available at that time was forums like RXPG. Over the next 4 years more than 56 doctors have worked to prepare a phenomenal number of more than 16,000 medical PG MCQs. 

What do we think about our success?

From the day of launch in September 2011 Gate To Medicine has surprised our team by the overwhelming response to the innovative study platform. The number of medical PG entrance aspirants using Gate To Medicine has grown to more than 14,700 in 3 years (Nov 2014). We welcome this with gratitude. We are determined to keep innovating the website and apps to an standard that consistently meets the needs of Indian medical graduates. You may see the google map of visitors to the site with colour codes. Indian PG medical graduates attending AIIMS, AIPGMEE, DNB and other national PG exams visit us from all over the country. We are however more popular in South India, Maharashtra, New Delhi and North East India (c) Google inc.

The way questions have been organised and everything overall including my experience with gatetomedicine has been amazing. I wish I had known about this site earlier says Dr G. Ramamurthy (from our testimonial pool)

How do we manage quality of MCQs and contents?

Standard references for all questions in Gate To Medicine

Standard references for all questions in Gate To Medicine

There is something that we are pedantic about, standard references and we show them off under each questions. We provide our authors and editors online library of standard medical text books and journals.

Medical PG questions prepared by speciality experts with authentic references from standard textbooks and a hierarchy of editorial supervision has made us stand out from others says Dr Mildu Krishnan MBBS MBA, Director of Medical Education

Where has innovations taken us to?

Superb android application. Able to revise on the move. Swift response from the developer regarding glitches. HIGHLY ADVISABLE FOR ALL PG ASPIRANTS Says Dr Kathiravan Rajamani

The unique platform of G2M Genius has a very sophisticated artificial intelligence for item response and allocation for medical PG entrance preparation. The website conducts mock tests 24/7. Medical PG mock tests and study materials are available on Android mobiles (G2M Smart), iPhones (G2M iSmart) and iPad (G2M iSmart for iPad). This is like live mock tests in your pocket. 

We are working on the highly anticipated ‘Capsules’ which brings the benefits of a learning medical PG theory and MCQs in a unique sequence. The other web apps in the making are ‘STAMINA’ and ‘G2M SOCIAL – says Er.Sreelal T.L, IT Manager


Online Medical PG Preparation

CAPSULES – Innovative Theory Based Learning Coming Soon

We have not needed massive advertisement campaigns. We prefer the word of mouth from successful candidates. Our candidates secured some of the top ranks in AIIMS and AIPGME in the last 2 years.

What do people think about our Candidate Service?

We have candidate care via Chat Online, Phone, Whatsapp and Email. We attend to the medical, technical and sales related queries without delay. This has earned us some very good reviews in the study panel.

 Gate To Medicine is very popular on Facebook and WhatsApp. Gate To Medicine has more than 80,000 followers n Facebook taking part in interactive question & answer sessions. Similar interactive groups of Gate To Medicine also active on WhatsApp. Please ask for details and our colleagues will get you started. 

We are always around if you want to know more about us. If you are looking for medical PG entrance learning, there is no better place that can provide the experience and trust like Gate To Medicine.

The most important thing about us is that we love what we do. There is nothing more satisfying than attending to the needs of candidates sensitively using the technology of the next generation – says Mr Jithin Kottikal MBA, Business Manager