Top 7 Tips for MBBS Students on Medical PG Entrance

Most of the medical PG entrance toppers report their success story as a long term continuous learning. Many of them also acquires high percentages in their MBBS university exams. But there are university toppers who have struggled to get their speciality of choice in the first attempt. So what is that makes some more successful than others? 

Top 7 Tips for MBBS Students on Medical PG Entrance Success

Tip 1. Learn with your MBBS curriculum. During your MBBS years it’s hard to plan and focus on more than one thing. A medical student focussed PG entrance curriculum helps steady preparation over a long period of time.

Tip 2. MBBS students could read the key topics from standard textbooks.  This could save 1-2 years of repetition in your medical PG preparation. 

7 Tips for MBBS Students

Medical PG Preparation for MBBS Students for 1st MBBS to Final MBBS until your exam success

Tip 3. Know the high yielding areas for medical PG entrance. Medical Students should know the high  yielding topics from each subjects E.g. Subclavian artery from Anatomy. This helps to read, browse MCQs and attend specific mock exams from key topics.

Tip 4. Medical Students should have access to a large pool of  medical PG MCQs that they could search and save with their college curriculum. This helps to filter and learn as needed. E.g. search for Cholecystitis MCQs when learning that topic during Surgery posting.

Tip 5. MBBS students should have access to topic-specific online medical PG mock exams to cover high yielding areas. All exams should be saved online for revision near to exams. E.g. Tuberculosis as a topic coving questions from all subjects. 

Tip 6. Take part in WhatsApp chat park for medical PG entrance preparation. This is a Free G2M service that provides medical students an opportunity for group learning via chat. There will be a separate service available for medical students separated by MBBS levels. 

Tip 7. Learn on smart phones and mobile devices. It is important for today’s medical students to have MCQs and mock tests on their smart phones as Apps or mobile optimised websites. This increases the access and flexibility of learning. Mock tests has to be available 24/7 and should be easily accessible from everywhere e.g from a labour room during an internship posting. 

Early Bird Platinum Access for Medical Students

Advantages of Early Bird Platinum Access for MBBS students

  • Early Bird Platinum is designed for medical students. This gives ease of mind for long term learning with a very affordable cost (Rs 6000 for 5 years or just Rs 1200 per year)
  • Access to 21,000+ high quality MCQs with references from standard books on STUDY PANEL. New high yielding MCQs added daily to enhance your preparation
  • Learn for Medical PG along with your MBBS course. The course and topics are organised to help your learning with curriculum. 
  • Articles with high yielding topics and read lists. The articles also have tips for creating personalised MCQ topics. 
  • Attend unlimited mock tests 24/7 with platinum access. Daily national mock tests, weekly power mock tests and subject-wise tests. Platinum gives access to all exams and all courses on G2M (students and graduates). Read answers, explanations and corrections after exam attendance. 
  • All attended mock tests saved for future revision with corrections on the Mock Test Panel. 
  • Filter and save MCQs and Topics on ‘MY TOPICS’ using keyword, difficulty level or topic-wise filters.  
  • Attend the popular High Yielding Power Mock Exams (52 power mock exams per year) 
  • Full access to mobile Apps. Free access to Android App (G2M Smart), iPhone App (G2M iSmart) and iPad App (G2M iSmart for iPad) when to get platinum access. 
  • Live exams on Centre 1 can be attended via Apps. This is a great feature for students. 
  • You will be invited to take part in Medical Student WhatsApp Chat for group study and sharing. 

It is recommended that medical students attend all Power Mocks on G2M. Power Mocks are conducted over a 3 day period on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.  

The recommended option is full access to power mocks with Platinum Access. Click below


Attend Live Mock Exams on Mobile Apps


This article is about regular and long term PG Entrance Study for MBBS Students. With the new Early Bird Platinum Access Medical PG Entrance Success for Students is more a reality.  Read Top 7 Tips for MBBS Students on Medical PG Entrance Success and follow for effective preparation.

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