Month 2 Privilege Access – HOW TO CLAIM EXTENSION?

Platinum Pack Privilege Access - MONTH 2

platinum.001.jpg.001You have had 1 month access to the largest pool of high quality questions for free. Do you want to extend it to the next month? This is an invitation only service. You have to be invited to this by GateToMedicine or by a friend of GateToMedicine. If you have almost completed month 1 and have completed 3 good things, fill in this form here. 

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All you need to do for your platinum access to be extended for the next month for FREE is to do 3 good things

1. Reward a FREE account to a deserving friend 

This is similar to what you did in the beginning. Get a friend registered and he or she could have free platinum access. This is a very nice thing to do. 

2. Contribute 5 MCQs to the pool

You will receive 5 MCQs with choices and answers from our medical team by email. You need to verify the answer, give good logical explanations with references from standard books. We may or may not use this in the pool after editing. We may ask you to change the responses if it did not fit GateToMedicine quality standards. 

This will help you to think like examiners. This is a great way to learn by searching standard books. You will also be helping each other by contributing to the pool. It is definitely a good thing to do. 

3. 80% attendance for mock tests conducted on GateToMedicine Centre 1

There are typically 2-3 mock tests conducted per week. We expect a mandatory attendance of 80% in 4 weeks. You could attempt via Web or Mobile. 

This is definitely going to help your preparation. More attendance also improves the reliability of the rank list. Hence sincere participation is expected. That’s it. The 3 good things to do. 

If you couldn’t comply with any of the above you won’t be eligible for a FREE extension. There is nothing to be disappointed. You will be provided with a discount code. You could always buy a pack with special offers and discounts. See below and use the exclusive code at checkout

Couldn’t manage 3 good things? You still have options

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Copy this code and use at checkout: plat5468sx8

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