• Payment Information: You will be paid when your account has acquired Rs. 2000.00 or above.
  • Policies & Standards: Your account can be terminated without any notice, if you do not stick to the terms and conditions of GateToMedicine. If this happens you will receive all your pending payments after the account termination.
  • Cancellation: If you wish to close or cancel your account email to or email the marketing manager. 

Affiliate & Partner Help

  • Experience the best

Gate to Medicine affiliate programme is one of the finest business programme in the country. Instant rewards make the programme attractive to participants.  The performance based affiliate programme rewards affiliates for each customer brought about by their own recommendation. 

  • Outstanding technical brilliance

We provide a unique affiliate code for all registered affiliates. This affiliate code can be used by your friends, students or customers to avail a 5% discount on all packages purchased on You will receive a commission on each sales made using your affiliate code. What more? You can see all the transactions and commission history on your affiliate online account in real time!

  • Perfect Opportunity

Becoming a registered affiliate by signing up for the Gate to Medicine affiliate programme is a perfect opportunity for anyone who is interested to associate with one of the worlds most innovative companies. Developing a trusting business relationship with you is a privilege for GateToMedicine. This is the time for you to place your affiliate code on a brochure, website, social media or spread by word of mouth. Get started today!

  • Instant Payments

Your earnings on the affiliate programme of is processed at regular intervals, usually depending on your earnings.  Gate to medicine has a friendly approach and regularly reviews it programme benefits. The starting commission rate will be reviewed every 10 sales made via your code and your commission rate could increase up to a maximum of 15%. You can watch your earnings and payments to your bank account on your online affiliate account!

  • Absolutely Free

It is absolutely free and no strings attached. There are no obligations or targets. Each organisation or individual could feel free about their approach. After all it is your friend, student or customer who is benefiting from GateToMedicine and also earning a 5% discount!

  • Transparency

We have something that most of the affiliate programmes do not have. Transparent online account where you can see all transactions with your code being displayed in real time! This amazing feature gives you access to the sales without giving you the names of the individuals.