• Payment Information: You will be paid when your account has acquired Rs. 2000.00 or above.
  • Policies & Standards: Your account can be terminated without any notice, if you do not stick to the terms and conditions of GateToMedicine. If this happens you will receive all your pending payments after the account termination.
  • Cancellation: If you wish to close or cancel your account email to or email the marketing manager. 

Benefits of Programme

In simple terms, you can earn with GateToMedicine with an affiliate programme. When your registration is accepted you will be offered an unique affiliate code.

A performance based programme where your efforts are instantly rewarded. You will be paid an assigned % (E.g. 5%) of the package cost for each purchases made using your unique affiliate code. The code can be shared with as many people as you wish!

Perfect opportunity to share our business and work on mutual benefit. Candidates who use your code will also avail a 5% discount!

Online account and control panel for every affiliate. Transparency to the level of individual transactions which uses your affiliate code. You can view the purchases in real time!

You can use your unique affiliate code on G2M brochures, your website banners, your social media accounts, pass it on to your friends and more!

Use the 'Affiliate Scheme' to improve your % benefit on sales. With this scheme you will continue to improve your share in the business!