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Student's Mock Test Series

GateToMedicine provides AIPGMEE, AIIMS, DNB Online Mock Tests Series for MBBS Students. These mock tests include previous year questions and also new questions. Student Packages are graded courses programme. Each year, respective subjects will be added to a Student Batch package. For Students Mock Tests will be divided into three parts. Mock Tests are conduced and coordinated by GateToMedicine's senior medical team. The questions are chosen to help practice the most likely content and pattern of These exams. A detailed ranklist and analytics will be publised at the end of the exam with answers and explanations. Classic plus customers will have questions added to for the Item Response study, which is a unique feature of GateToMedicine. 
Questions & Pattern 
  • 50 MCQs (Numbers vary depending on the mock test)
  • 35 Minutes of Exam (Time varies depending on the mock test)
  • Correct 1 Mark, Wrong 0 Mark and Skipped 0 Mark
  • Multiple Choice Questions of AIPGMEE 2015 / AIIMS / DNB Pattern
  • Clinical Application Questions (Only applies to selected mock tests)
  • True / False Questions of single response (Only applies to selected mock tests)
  • Reason Assertion Questions (RAQs) (Only applies to selected mock tests)
  • Questions related to Image (Only applies to selected mock tests)
  • Pattern will be adapted according to the up-to-date NBE guidelines

Type of Exam
  • Computer Based Test conducted online
  • Tests can be taken 24/7 during the period of exam
  • Emergency break is possible with logout, but not advised
  • Amazing flexibility with breakthrough technology
  • Auto resume if internet disconnects with timer pause or computer shut down
  • Skip and Tag and Easy Review before exam submit
  • Questions, Answers, Mistakes, Statistics and Explanations of all previous mock tests saved for your reference in the Study Panel
  • National Rank Lists are archived with Nicknames in your account
  • World's most advanced learning technology and now hosted on dedicated server for lightning speed even with low bandwidth
  • Online chat support
  • User Friendly. Can be used with minimal computer skills.
  • Tests are conducted Weekly.
  • Increased frequency of tests near to the exams
  • National Rank List with performance graph. Optional anonymisation with nicknames.
  • Statistical Analysis with Subjectwise Analysis and Normal Distribution Curve .
  • Answers, Mistakes and Explanations will be made available via the National Mock Test section of the Study Panel. 
  • For Classic Plus Candidates additional option of practising questions via ITEM RESPONSE and other means on the STUDY PANEL.
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  • Instant Purchase and Activation
  • Instant Start to Mock Test 24/7
  • Debit Cards, Credit Cards and Net Banking Accepted. 
  • All Major Indian Banks Accepted