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Daily updated contents for AIIMS, DNB, AIPGMEE, MCI Screening and other exams for Medical PG Entrance Exam Candidates. Medical PG Mock Tests conducted daily with 24/7 access. Advanced technology and dedicated servers to accommodate the needs of PG medics



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What is ITEM RESPONSE & Allocation? G2M Genius assess candidates and questions to assign a status for each. Candidates can see the difficulty levels of each question and their progress against others taking the same question.

E.g. A difficult question is a question that most other candidates get wrong and if you get it right, you have the advantage. This could indicate the preparation levels needed for medical PG entrance exams.

FILTER STUDY: Use Rapid Test or My Test to study medical PG topics subject-wise, topic-wise, difficulty - wise, keywords-wise and a range of other filters. Click here

SELF-MOCK TEST: Create a medical PG mock test on your own and practice it with a timer in MOCK TEST under study panel. You could do it as many times as you want. You could create random subject wise mock tests too. Click here.

SAVE YOUR STUDY: Use MY TEST to create, organise and save your medical pg entrance study. You can narrow down your preparations to small topics. E.g. Carbohydrate Metabolism and study all questions related to that topic. Click here.

THINK DETAIL: You have 2750+ pg medical entrance study articles, interlinked with each other to enhance retention of information. More topics, images and tables are being added here. Try it yourself now. Click here.

MOCK TEST SERIES : We use previous year questions  from AIPGMEE, AIIMS and DNB and new questions for our Mock Tests. The platform is designed to give a real feel of the AIPGMEE, AIIMS, DNB Exams. Candidate can choose their date and time to attend the exam. You could resume the exam with the paused timer if you internet or computer failed or if you have to attend an emergency.